About Me?

1:44 PM
Story always fascinates me.
I read 3 books in a week when I was in high school, but it seems my life has changed bit by bit.

Yet, I still have the same love for books and stories. Real or not (read: fiction or non-fiction, coz I love history books so much!)

I'm a Lois Lane, born curious and was a journalist. That also means I'm rock-headed, feminist and random, but trying to be my own Superman yet in love with Batman (and Christian Grey).
Coffee junkie, Orwellian, got ADD. 
Video-games and animal lover. 
It takes genius not to get me wrong.
Currently, I'm a Communications consultant or simply a PRgirl. 

I love cooking, baking, lego, movies and photography. An undiagnosed bipolar person who thinks Hello Kitty is her alter-ego and has Doraemon as her twin soul-mate.

By the way, call me Bree.
Even though I'm a Grammar Nazi, I do misspell, too, sometimes.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this total randomness!

Photos taken with:

Samsung Galaxy S8
Canon 1000D, 18-55 mm

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