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Grab your coffee cup, and remember: Book is the true caffeine of your sexy life!

'Read and Caffeinated' is the second writing blog under The Interesting Stranger Projects. Created in May 2009, the blog shares views through book reviews within unlimited genre and book types. For the sake of love of book readers and other random visitors might find which book is more suitable reads for them or acting as a site for exchanging opinions and any related knowledge. Awesome, isn't it?

The posts are categorized (besides reviews, interviews, guest posts and giveaways info) as the ADDICTION MENU(s) in the right sidebar, such as:
  • Check Bookie Days Out for great places to read (with coffee, tea or anything nice) or even to find good books.  *COMING SOON
  • Caffeine-of-the-Month contains posts on How-To (series) themed randomly, so be surprised! Will be posted regularly every first week of the month.
  • Check Kinky Friday for posts made in purpose to make your reading moments enjoyable! Try my happy useful tips (makeups, etc) to boost your reading day! Because what? It's Friday!
  • Blissful Sunday shares what's good to be shared. Book-related zone.
  • Click on La Livre Festin to know any book related events. In the Past or Future.
  • I will share any award stuff in Selected Apron menu.
  • Irish Pick is for random posts. Just enjoy the fun part!
  • On My Tray, you will see all of the books I'm going to read (and maybe to review, as well).
  • Du Jour. In other words, it's called 'news'. Well, it's obvious.
  • Overheard Corner is Talking Points. Let's have a deep thoughts about something.

Reading is fun. Simply true. #SexyGirlReads and #ReadWithoutLimits are my campaigns. The reviewer redefines book as the 'caffeine' for its addiction to book lovers, regarding how it is like to coffee drinkers. It's been the secret ingredients for the strong appeal and strong positive effect. Book = caffeine. There's no stereotype for being coffee lovers, so do book readers. Dare to be yourself, and keep on reading books!

Now, you're interested to read some more? Sure, please!

For publishers/authors and anyone, are you thinking to create 'something' with Read and Caffeinated? Please, do too. Read for details in Coverage/Review Request section in Contact tab.

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