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Guess, it's been awhile I haven't updated anything in this blog. Well, time to freshen up and fight through everything to keep on blogging, keep on writing is important to me. 

I just finished Release Me by J. Kenner and currently I'm finishing last few chapters of Cerita Cinta Enrico by Ayu Utami. Yes, finally I'm reading the book! For now, I'm waiting for my pre-order of Inferno. And my Casual Vacancy (J. K. Rowling) is being hoarded. Sorry... 

And... these! I bought the latest Monocle, due to its main topic is about media and society relationship: "Attack at Dawn - The New Media Battle to Get You Out of Bed". Also, Titik Nol is a  recommendation from a friend who also writes in Autumn Once More. Are we still up to Chicken Soup series? Oh hell was actually a gift from my niece....for last Christmas! Sorry... really sorry dearie my niece, I just remember it. And I have Pengakuan Eks Parasit Lajang waiting!

Last month, I was sent to Semarang. Another town in Java Island. Only about one hour from Jakarta by plane. Yes! More story about going to Semarang on my personal blog, The Interesting Stranger, coming up! When I was waiting for the boarding time, I strolled around and got myself into the temptation of Periplus bookstore! I found these two as well...

Paulo Coelho's Manuscript Found in Accra is one new hottest book I've been keeping my eyes on. To my big surprise, it's sold in Periplus. They even have it in two different covers! One is from Knopf Publishers and the other one is HarperCollins. I bought the Knopf one, with unique quality paper for the cover. It's just different feeling if you touch it so that I should wrap it with plastic cover soon before something hurts it first. Well, anyway...

Periplus also have the full colour Garfield Left Speechless comic strip collection. I finished it all the way when I was in the plane back home to Jakarta. I was pretty mad with some passengers and felt uncomfortable due to my seat in that flight, but the comic helped me to boost my mood. Freaking funny, even without any words spoken through the speech balloons.

And oh, have you read Mo Yan's Big Breasts and Wide Hips? The book is great and the writer himself has won Nobel Prize of Literature. Psst... I used to think if the writer was a woman. And the name is actually meaning for 'don't speak' in Chinese. I just knew lately. Shame on me.

Have a nice day!

Write more reviews soon....

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