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As book marketing for indie writers is seriously complicated and hard to afford, this blog understands very well and opens the opportunity for those who might have the interest to gain publications (read: to have the newly published works reviewed). The reviewer is very open to writers and publishers to propose requests for reviews, guest posts or any other kind of blogposts. Not only indie ones, but everyone!

'Read and Caffeinated' blog isn't limited to certain genre, which is a good thing. So, drop a line, won't you?

But before you decide to contact me, know first things... first! Read the Blogger's Policy below.

The reviewer doesn't differentiate books from indie or (huge or tiny) publishers. All books are accepted and welcomed! But please note and consider some points, my rules are:

1. Books sent for a review will be the blogger/reviewer's property and shall not be returned.
2. Books/Guest Post/Interview will be moderated first by the reviewer, before being posted. Reviewer has rights to not publish the sent guest post, answered interview, and not to review the book under certain circumstances.
3. Paperback/Hard covers book sent to reviewer might have the opportunity to be reviewed, but PDF/any e-book formats will only have the chance to be posted as Teaser Peeks, Guest Post or Interview with the authors/publishers/translators.

'Read and Caffeinated' blog is open to any gender, race, religions, cultures, non-believers, sexual orientation, or political views. Any discriminating books, or remarks found on guest post/interviews and comments on the blogposts have no chance to be published.

Any reviews is written as honest as the reviewer could be and is not produced by any pressure or influence by authors/translators/publishers and other third parties.



Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know what you like to say about the post.

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