ReCaf Update - April, 12th 2012

5:29 AM
Here we go! Something you, caffeinated readers, surely don't wanna miss out. There are plenty of new books to read, live events to attend globally, and etc. Enjoy the reads!

Online Chat with Jane Green
Jane Green
Yes, she is! The author of Jemima J, Mr. Maybe and The Beach House is up to talk about her new book, Another Piece of My Heart. Published recently in March 2012, the book tells about Andi who finally meets her true love---a lovely man, divorced with two kids. Opposite reaction comes from the kids, unfortunately, that tries to break down the values and perceptions Andi had.
Another Piece of My Heart
book cover

Scheduled on Friday, 13 April 2012 5 pm ET/2 pm PT, the UK-born bestselling author will chat with her amazing readers online on (click here), not only about her upcoming book, but also her previous works and life as well.
About the author in brief. Born in 1968, Jane Green has published several books, more to Chicklit genre, and breakthrough New York Times Bestselling list. Before landing to become a writer at the age of 27, she used to work a journalist. Currently, she's living with her husband and children in Connecticut. 


More from Anjuelle Floyd
Good news! Internet and digital stuff has let us, caffeinated readers, to have more books to read around  the globe. Anjuelle Floyd's second book, The House (read my review here), will be available to download for Kindle from for $0,99.  For those who don't have access to, you can email me (, that will be forwarded to the author herself for the copy request.

Grab your downloaded copy soon and join the reading in Anjuelle Floyd's book club! The House is up for the reading when the book club is formed in June 2012. From 64 chapters, the reading will have 10 chapters by a week and the readers are welcomed to leave questions to Anjuelle. Send an email to Anjuelle Floyd (, stating your will to join to be part of the book club and the reading as well. Anjuelle will be on Skype and answer your question one day out of the week.
Seasons in Purdah cover

Dear caffeinated readers, another caffeinated surprised is coming up! Anjuelle Floyd will release her third book, Seasons in Purdah.  The first 28 chapters will surely be a good teaser (click here to read). The release date is soon to be announced.

More info on Anjuelle Floyd's blog

New Author of the Month
Monica Leonelle
Socialpunk comes out
in April 2012
Give your warm welcome for Monica Leonelle! The digital media strategist with MBA degree is going to spoil your exciting addiction on fine reads. Socialpunk is released in this month of April 2012The story centers on Ima, who is stuck in a virtual reality that functions more like a prison, and Vaughn, who lives in a dark, technology-driven future, but manages to save Ima from the people trying to destroy her. The interested readers can get the fun by buying the copy on (click here) or Barnes & Noble (click here)

Monica who also blogs on Prose on Fire, will release the rest of the two books in the trilogy, Socialmob and Socialhood. The fans of Ender's Game, Neuromancer, or The Hunger Games are really recommended to read Socialpunk!

Stay tune on Read and Caffeinated, the excerpt of Socialpunk will be ready in hours! 

Happy Hunger Games Day!

The world will be watching...

Of course, even to the other part of the world, like Indonesia, the Hunger Games fans gathered up in FX Cinema XXI in Jakarta to re-watch or premiere-ly watch the movie with the fellow HG lovers on 25th of March 2012. HungerGamesIndonesia fans club teamed up with Total Film Indonesia and the publisher of the Indonesian-translated Hunger Games book, Gramedia Publisher to have one day event for all the fans in town, packed with quizzes, cosplay and certainly the movie itself. 

Nothing is fun to have a movie and all related stuff about it surrounded with people who have the same passion. May the odds ever be in your favor!


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