Teaser Peek#3: "Fashion-related" of Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle

3:00 AM
This is the last excerpt of Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle. Click here to read the first excerpt "Prologue", or, click here for the second excerpt "Food-related".


A woman with long purple eyelashes, who kind of reminded Ima of a butterfly, brushed by Ima with tattooed art entirely covering both her arms. One of the tattoos started out as a young boy who grew just a little older with each second, until he looked like a man. To Ima’s amazement, the tattoo played like a home video.
Ima looked at Vaughn for explanation. “How—?”
“Pixel skin-grafts,” Vaughn whispered into ima’s ear. “Some people do their entire bodies in them. Doesn’t do much in terms of protection, but lets you change your outfit on a Clout.”
Keep on reading Read and Caffeinated updates, there will be an interview with the author, Monica Leonelle.

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