Review: Hampir Fotografi by Jerry Aurum

Title: Hampir Fotografi
Author: Jerry Aurum
Year: 2013
Pages: 197
Language: Indonesian
Rate: 4

When most photography books dominate with big-sized photo printed, covered the whole pages and other most photography books are about technical tips and trick, tutorial and such, Hampir Fotografi comes out a difference. The book has more words written all over, telling loads of blunt opinions in (sort of) pop language about what has only been in random conversations among random people.

From broad topics like wedding photography, underwater to ones in particular such as photo-sharing in social media and POV on beauty. Jerry has his stand-point clearly up-spoken backed up with logical arguments he derived from experiences in years. He ends every question people might have. But, he also brings up more questions for those who has the interest to reconsider really deep down what lies in this newly-appreciated field across social-cultural surrounding that relates.

Surely, technology brings changes. In photography, written in the book, the change isn't just about converting to digital gear and all, instead, it goes through the whole aspects. While entertaining the readers with high-quality photos and light jokes, this Jerry guy brings up the whole photography deals to new and higher level. And that also means, breaking the 'so analog camera' era (read: conventional) rules. It turns the once-called failed work to now be seen a style of revelation. 

Apparently, the title of the book says it all. Giving photography back to its root---art, where there's no perfection created (Note: Hampir in English is 'almost'). Sadly, no matter how fun and relevant the topics are brought up and discussed, grammar mistakes were found quite annoying. But it seems, those little ants won't hold us back in enjoying the whole natural excitement in reading it.

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