Blissful Sunday: The Time of Our Lives...

Nothing makes me happy the past week, but Christian Grey. Yes, he's ready to share his POV!

I felt awesome when I pre-ordered Grey: As Told by Christian Grey by the one and only E. L. James from See, I buy books online more than before now. The book arrived on time to my office. Thanks for Periplus for that. Fast delivery that cures my high curiosity and lust towards my Mr. Grey.

So far, I've read a few pages. Gosh, I can tell you already: he's charming, naughty and lovely---exactly what I search in a guy, besides witty. Curiosity is still on to the next pages....

Sadly the next day... I should've read the book with full of excitement. But I got a news that my friend passed away. Instantly things were so upside down. I couldn't help him when he needed help, then he's gone. He was a good friend with quiet nature, funny English writing and pronunciation due to his limited skill. Well, that's okay. I could tell you... he's a good guy.

The story of his life and past made me hurt even more. It's a big loss for me and my friends. We are like family now. We've been together for years.

Actually we're colleagues as we work together. (By the way, this is not my Grand Indonesia work, it's other work that I do outside weekdays). It's just unique how things are going among us. We fight, we tease and we talk or joke like there's no tomorrow. That's because we understand the issue we are facing and pushing through, and that we're together in this.

Then again, you are put through in sadness and mourn. A friend is gone, and there's nothing we could do next but missing him. It's the hardest part. What else? Regret? That you didn't share much time together, to know better, to understand deeper. Time has cut our opportunities to be with our beloved (good) people we want in our lives. It's how I remember a book about loss...

You'll want another day together. Do things you should've done but you haven't. Mitch Albom's For One More Day speaks up a lot, reminding us of what we can do now with what's left in your life. To yourself, to your work, to you family and friends. To your future. 

And what's more? I tried to entertain myself by getting Happy Meals with Minions. Didn't help much, but.... it works a little. So, this post isn't the most blissful one, but you know you'll always have reasons for distraction and smile a little bit.

Happy Sunday....


P.S. By the way, I just found out that I lost one of my other Mitch Albom's book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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