On My Tray: Back to GREY

I wish you have read my previous post that I successfully pre-ordered Grey by E. L. James. It's been a month or two, I don't keep time track. But, as you can guess, I haven't finished it.

Well, I have been gone back-and-forth with the book. I have four other books that require to be read and finished in no time. Meanwhile, I have read new Indonesian books, Flambe (Club Camilan), Falling by Rina Suryakusuma, Coming Out by Hendri Yulius and Re: by Maman Suherman. Those four needed to be done before it was too late. I'm telling you that I have plans with Falling, Coming Out and Re:.

I can't wait to tell you the details, but I should keep it a secret for now. Wish me luck for this one!

Well, after being held back by work and all that jazzy life I've been having (lately I just resigned from my main job, but I still have my writing projects and side jobs---Thank heavens!), I can be and should be back to reading Grey. Seriously need to.

So why do I have to? I'm writing a story with a male character. Kinky one, yes, thank you. Maybe not. Maybe ok. Grey can be one of my helper. My main problem is... I have to write in Indonesian, which is a bit difficult for me. It's been a long time I haven't been that active writing in Indonesian. And what? I was a journalist. Not a fiction writer. Interpreting my imagination for the story in English has been one of my temptations.

Back to Grey.

After the trilogy, after the movie of the first book, time to revisit Mr. Grey!

First of all, something bothers me. Is it me getting slower in reading or Grey is just not as exciting as Fifty Shades of Grey. Because I remember I can finish FSOG in 2 days. Almost the same thickness, but Grey takes more time to finish.

Even though, I'm super in love with Christian Grey (and who doesn't want to be Anastasia Steele if you know you'd have a guy like him?), I found it a little boring. Surprisingly.

Post-reading effect that I got from FSOG was that Mr. Grey seemed to have increase my highly-impossible standard for boyfriend-type expectation. As for Grey, I could see more of Christian Grey in his POV. You'll find interesting 'missing links' about him, too. All of them are his past, his submissives and his career. Certainly including what is happening on his side when we were on Ana's solely narratives in James' first book.

Somehow, I got the impression that Christian's side was sort of being imposed in this book. Sorry. nothing isn't fit. Things do makes sense in Grey. In addition to that, I don't really enjoy the part he told which we have read in FSOG.

On the contrary, Christian Grey laughed out loud more in Grey than you knew before. He was depicted to be more attentive towards his employee with casual and friendly speaking tone. That's my man! I have to go back and finish it soon in order to be able giving a review. More of this guy's story on my blog. So wait for it, would you? I have bought a new pair of bondage-style underwear, garter belts and a pair of lace hosiery to motivate myself. Psst...somebody might have missed the opportunity to see me in those sexy stuff! Hahaha... Well, it's for my Mr. Grey only then.

But before I end this post, I wanna know something. What are you looking for in a guy? Simple question that most people would have asked you before. Hmm, ok well, let's make it a twist: what are you looking for or expecting in a kinky boyfriend? Or, do you want one? Let me know coz I do really wanna know.

Will be writing my projects and reading Grey and This One Is Mine by Maria Semple.
Wish me luck again, please?

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