The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld

Title: The Interpretation of Murder Author: Jed Rubenfeld Publisher: Headline Review (UK) Pages: 529 (UK), 610 (ID)

A beautiful black-haired Riverford girl was found dead in her apartment in Alabaster Wing. She was naked and tortured before killed. Her murderer was soon in the list of wanted people in New York City. But everything became spookier when another girl, an only daughter of Alabaster Wing’s owner’s best friend, was attacked and it suspected the same person. For that, the girl, Nora Acton, lost her voice and wasn’t able to talk as a witness in the tracing level. Dr. Stratham Younger was summoned to help Acton get her voice back and revitalized her mental health.
During this unsolved tragedy was still a huge mystery, the famous psychoanalysis father, Dr. Sigmund Freud, was in his visit to the States to get his honorary award in Clark University with his student, Carl Jung. Stratham Younger asked Freud’s help to analyze what exactly happen to Nora Acton. There, Freud encountered some dangerous incident without clear motives too.
Freud's upcoming book and also Shakespeare’s art became some of the puzzles in mystery that the detective Littlemore and the autopsy expert on Riverford’s murder got to finish, and vague analysis on Nora Acton’s personality made your vision as the reader to be more blurred about the ending. Meanwhile, Dr. Younger lost his objectivity as he fell in love with Nora Acton.
My Review: This is a book where you won’t get bored, no matter you’re seeing it too spooky of a murder. You will keep questioning about what actually happened. Each scenes you stepped in the book would only make you confused, so it would be harder for you to know the real killer. Many unexpected scenes that might astound you.
I love the feel of the 1901 era, the author brought up. The culture, the landscape, the places were described perfectly. Though it’s totally a fiction, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s visit was real. The merge between the author’s pure fantasy and historical fact is just perfect and interesting. It totally can mess up your low history knowledge… and also can add up some little interesting fact on our history mind.

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