Katka by Stephen Ross Meier

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Title: Katka, a novella
Author: Stephen Ross Meier
Pages: 107 (Paperback)
Size: 383 KB (E-Book)
Publisher: BookSurge Publisher
Language: English
In Prague, Czech Republic, the mail-order bride business went as a good business. In the low-economy country, Katka desired to escape to US, hoping to have a better life by getting an American man. So there was Gavin, a fragile-personality American man with terrible past he hid and brought from the States. They fell in love and lived in their own fairy tale---a love journey with full of lust and vague love.
Unfortunately, their fairy tale didn’t end up happy ever after the couple cooperated in Katka’s friend’s business idea which was mail-order bride. Their business went well at first but didn’t in their last order, because the only girl Gavin could sell was his own girlfriend, Katka.
Gavin agreed to sell Katka as a bride of a rich American widower for the money. It was just Gavin couldn’t choose whether it should be the money or his love. It broke Katka’s heart, yet nothing she could do though Gavin still loved Katka very much.
Gavin made a plan that in the airport, after the payment between Gavin and Katka’s buyer, where Katka should part her away from her upcoming husband and go back to Gavin at the exit. But Katka had her own way and broke the plan as she thought that her buyer was the only person who could mend Gavin’s hidden messed-up past life back in the states. And Gavin didn’t know her plan at all. Katka was taken to US and Gavin was desperate to get her back.
My review: Voila! It’s a lovely story. Sexy, but genius; naughty but romantic! ‘Katka’ by Stephen Ross Meier isn’t like any other Harlequin story where you would already know how it will go when you read the first part. This is a truly different love story that will leave in your head and heart. The main characters, a total charming guy with fragile vision caused by his past mistake; a super sexy and nice girl with a naïve dream; and a seductive with many experiences, have made this story makes interesting and more different.
The way the author write this story makes you feel like you’re being story-told lively. The intense emotions can really grip your feeling. Quentin Tarantino’s plot style in this book will make you won’t put it down and wanting for more. It’s nice to be drowning into their love adventure and feel the confusions, regrets, and brokenhearted by the greed and lust of money.

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