Dirty Little Angels by Christopher Tusa

Title: Dirty Little Angels
Author: Christopher Tusa
Released: March 2009
Pages: 170
Publisher: Livingston Press

Hailey Trosclair is living in a somewhere hell-alike, and she’s trying to get out through God’s way that left not responded. Her family is about falling into bankruptcy, while her mother got a miscarriage, her father is unemployed and didn’t care to get the life back to normal. From then, Hailey and her brother Cyrus lean on a new religious ‘protestor’, Moses. Later, the new religion is something that traps them into a demon world.
It’s one of the hardest books to read I can say. Quite short and rather boring at the first part, yet in the middle the story and the characters go very strong and deep. I like the idea in centering the story of a life of a teenager who others would be mostly lost in that age. The more interesting part is that this girl had to pass the bitter truth of the world in that so-called ‘losing grip’ moments.
The plot isn’t hard to catch; moreover it’s dragging you and won’t let you to put it down. Every single detail is described and written very clear. Sadly, I don’t like how the language is spoken by the characters: Some are repetitious and bad languages. Although, such language is used by youngsters, who are alike the characters in the book.
Tusa took an interesting issue that most people might not think about. Spirituality of a misled person who might find power by engaging more of the lost people in their own world, such as a girl like Hailey. And also, religious blindness, which most people don’t want to share. I give my two thumbs up on this point.

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