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12:21 AM

How Sunday treats...before Monday starts!

Last Friday and Sunday, I watched Jamie Cullum and Natalie Cole at Java Jazz, but not until the last song due to my back pain. The experience was sort of... ups and downs I can say, coz I was happy, going around the halls enjoying the jazz performances from international musicians but I got serious trouble in getting my way back home.

But it was last week.

This week, today, I'm writing the very first post of Blissful Sunday! And it's my birthday. I'm turning 24 and getting so worried. Becoming older and older doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I'm truly lost. Eight years ago, seriously my mental state wasn't this low. All I remember the strength and optimism kept my feet walking ahead as a book 'pushed' and 'shaked' the shit out of my head. It was The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho that did it.

What a memory with this book in my lap
I read the book when I was 16, in grade 10, sneaking to read it anytime I could, including when the teacher leaves for a moment for toilet rush. Reading books is never that fun! Risk is always one of the exciting factors.

The story of Santiago guy who just keeps moving on with hopes, leading to his 'treasure' transformed into some kind of power to me that time. The journey made me not to peek the last page as how I usually did before. Well, I never peek the last page ever since. But what I'm trying to say is... I'm really telling you the truth. Most of the time, good book makes me (and you, good readers) alive, to get my life on track and help me to focus, for example---something hard for me to do. Now it has gone loose...

And if you read my previous post, which is On My Tray post, you'll see that actually I have three book queued to read. The fact is... I've been super busy like crazy with work and I haven't got the time to watch it properly. Of course, after this post, I'm going to open the first page and reviewing once I'm done.

Err... guess what? I haven't touched one of the three, but I read Reflected in You by Sylvia Day to page 19 in pdf format. E-book is quite handy and easy for sneaky reading lately. By the way, I love my job, I got Arranged Marriage by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on my list. List of what? Wait and see.
Psst... I love the cover!

After this post, I will read more books and write more. It keeps me alive for a while.


  1. Happy belated bday Bri! I wish you more and more great things to come. And you know what? 24 is not old AT ALL!!! XD enjoy the books and keep on reading/blogging.

  2. What ?? you read The Alchemist at the age of 16th?? I was still lying around holding my Smurf comics back then are not lost by being older , just need to move your steer to "mature" that would sound positive..:)


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