Selfie Tuesday - Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Bought Paulo Coelho's newly published book, Adultery. Don't mind my long-awaited book piles. Can't wait to read this one and review it, after I reviewed all the books piled on my latest On My Tray post. This selfie photo is rather grainy, will try to get a camera app than the default cam on my phone for better resolution--it's selfie, it should be awesome!

This is my first post of Selfie Tuesday! Share your currently-reading madness with a selfie, every Tuesday... om anywhere---blog or Twitter... #selfieTuesday


  1. It is a pretty light read. Kind of formula based novel and lots of clich??. Had pre-ordered it with lots of expectation, flipkart delivered on time. Book lacks substance and for a Paulo Coelho fan, it is becoming a little repetitive.

    1. It's actually my first Paulo Coelho book. Though i never read a Paulo Coelho book before, my expectation is high because of what I've heard about his Alchemist book. What i want to say is - it just didn't meet my expectation.

      For more comprehensive review of Adultery, follow this link:


  2. I haven't read this one before- but I did read The Alchemist. I hope you enjoy it! The selfie looks great- it doesn't look grainy. :)


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