Happy New Year and Let's Do This!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's been awhile for me to get back to my blog, both my book blog and personal blog, The Interesting Stranger. Now I'm back with brand new concept and... banner! Oh, do you like it?

I will come up with book reviews and anything nice related with reading. Hopefully I can manage to post regularly. Today, I'm so happy to share new things on this blog. I call it revamp, guys! Yes, total revamp as I'm overly serious on what I'm going to do in here. And, I'm revamp-expert (anywhere I move to another company to work for, it's always on its way to revamp, including the company I'm currently working).

Firstly, I've told you the banner. Right, checked! Finally I added with something green, even though it was never my fave but it turned out stabilizing the whole design. Secondly, you see the blog categories are 'covered' with addiction menu and I give you clue on what it is. That won't be difficult to find what you're looking for, right? Well...I'm still confused and forgetful sometimes. It's a lot of stuff I got here coz' I'm trying to have plenty of awesome things for this blog. Yet, I'm still thinking to simply them in smaller categories. Just wait and see, would you?

Thirdly, I have to admit I got ADD. That's why, it's hard for me to finish some things sometimes. But, we always have to do something new everyday! Well, I found exciting stuff at POPSUGAR which is... a READING CHALLENGE 2015. I've never joined one, so this is my first and I'm crazy for it. Please check it out and we can go for the challenge together. Wanna know it's progress, I will share it on upcoming post under Le Livre Festin menu. There will be book events or reading campaign, simply anything you can join!

Lastly! As a big fan of Christian Grey's stories from Fifty Shades of Grey. I will start my own challenge #40daysfsogcoundownchallenge on my Instagram (@brigidalexandra). Visit me and let's start doing it together while waiting for Mr. Grey on Valentine's Day next month. Can't wait!

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Happy Reading!

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