Changes Maybe

12:49 AM
It's raining now, so it's a good sign. Or... maybe it's just a right time to do some changes.

First, I will have a new label for blogpost category. It's called 'On My Tray'. I will tell you what books to read soon (and maybe review). The idea just popped in my head while I was looking for a good place to keep this super cute Hello Kitty tray I got from Val as Christmas gift. From now on, I will put the upcoming books on it and tell you how much I'm excited to finish the piles. Well, this could be a way for me to be more motivated to read faster, so I can see the pretty face of Hello Kitty of the tray again. Faster, but enjoy the book itself is still the main pursuit, of course.

Second, it's time to change my blog name and address with something easier to read and remember. Or, maybe I'm going to have my own domain with more simple address to type. It's a good thing to make this blog...viral? *heart attack* Will update soon about this. Can't wait to figure out a new name. 

And last, I have another two categories. Kinky Friday and Blissful Sunday. I hope you guys will like it.

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